Let's Start with the 3 Foundation Elements:

(1) CLARITY, (2) FIND (ability to easily find your ideal clients),

! Remember ! Without these 3 Foundation Elements in place, you'll find yourself working hard but NOT seeing consistent results... To build a Successful, Profitable Coaching Business, You MUST Have These Foundation Elements In Place !



You got trained as a coach..., you have some great skills..., you have great intentions..., you know you can make a major difference in people's lives.... but have difficulty attracting clients due to lack of crystal clarity on WHO do you serve and WHAT service do you exactly provide...

STEP 1 to a Successful Business, in any area is CLARITY - Understanding that what you do is a functional "vehicle" that will take you to your destination...

Module 1 focuses entirely on helping you Gain Crystal Clarity on the direction of your business and Making Sure that you are Building a Real Business, NOT time and $$$-draining Hobby...

Here are some of the points covered in Module 1:

  • Gain Clarity on WHO You Serve and WHAT You Serve... Questions to ask yourself... Learn how to research if there's a need for your service... and more...
  • Is there a need for your service? Take our 7-point assessment to find out if you have a service that you can monetize
  • Discover How to Choose a Niche - or Service to Offer - that Will Ensure a Successful Coaching Business
  • Identify Your Ideal Client - 7-Point Checklist to help you gain clarity on Who you serve and WHY this "Ideal Client" is a good match for you
  • Simple Ways to Discover What Your Ideal Client Needs Help With
  • 7-Step Formula to Creating (or Improving) Your Elevator Pitch(es) - Hint: be ready with a 5 to 10 second "pitch" that answers the question "What do you do?" and your longer "pitch" that answers the invitation to "Tell me more...!"
  • Vision... Mission... and Effective Goal Setting - How to Set Goals & Sub-Goals that Motivate You and Keep You Going Towards Your Vision
  • Create Your Compelling Message on your website and marketing materials, & Discover HOW your Compelling Message can make or break your coaching business
  • * Step-by-Step Checklist and MindMap Provided for Each area Covered


Once you have clarity of Who you Serve & What you serve, it becomes easier to Find Your Ideal Clients…

STEP 2 to a Successful Coaching Business is the ability to easily Find those who’d benefit most from your services, and who’d be willing to spend their hard-earned dollars on your services.

In this Module we focus on strategies that will help you Easily Find Where Your Ideal Clients Hang Out AND How to Become Visible in Front of Your Ideal Clients

Here are some of the topics covered in Module 2:

  • 7 Simple Strategies to Help You Identify Where Your Ideal Clients Hang Out
  • 21 Ways to Get in Front of Your Ideal Clients ONLINE
  • 10 Ways to Get in Front of Your Ideal Clients in Your Community… and Beyond (Offline Strategies)
  • Become Visible in Front of Your Ideal Clients - 12 Ways to become seen by those who need your services and are willing to pay for it
  • How to Use Social Media (LinkedIn, FaceBook, Pinterest, Twitter, etc) to Find Your Ideal Clients AND Gain Visibility for Your Coaching Business
  • Discover 5 ways to Utilize Other People's Expertise to enhance your credibility
  • Find out how to Become a Published Author in less than 90-Days, even if you don't have much time to write.... and without spending $100s or $1000s of dollars
  • Step-by-Step Checklist and MindMap Provided for Each area Covered


Once you know Where to Find Your Ideal Clients... and got the basics down on How to Get in Front of Your Ideal Clients... it's important to give as much importance and effort to Creating an Image that Projects Trust, Credibility, and Professionalism!  After all, we all know that People do Business with People they Know, Like, and Trust....!  

STEP 3 in our journey to help you Become a Client-Magnet, is to help you Show Your Potential Clients that You Are a Qualified Professional Coach.

In this Module we focus on strategies that will help you Shape Your Image ONLINE & OFFLINE, so Prospects Will See You As Someone Worth Inviting into their Lives and Hiring You As their Coach

Here are some of the topics covered in Module 3:

  • 7 reasons why the "Credibility" element should be one of the main goals in your coaching business-building efforts
  • Discover how to become known as the go-to-person in your niche
  • 21 strategies to help you become viewed as a credible professional by your ideal clients
  • 12 Social Media Strategies to enhance your credibility
  • 13 ways to Stand Out from your Competitors with your online presence and Project an Image of a Credible Professional
  • 7 ways to Become an In-Demand Coach in your community (offline strategies)
  • * Step-by-Step Checklist and MindMap Provided for Each area Covered

Discover How I Attracted (a list of) 25,000+ Followers,
How I Convert Followers into Clients...
and Other Little "Secrets" that Will Allow You Too
to Build a Successful & Profitable Coaching Business!

Now that we Covered the 3 Foundation Elements...
Let's Move on to the 3 CORE STEPS...

Discover Proven Strategies that WILL Help You
Consistently Get Hired as a Coach




We call these The Core Modules as these are the Steps - or the Strategies - that Will Get You Hired As A Coach, and ultimately put $$$s in your pocket & bank account!

In the first 3 Modules we laid the Foundation; which is crucial to your Coaching Business Success.  In the next 3 modules we move on to the nitty-gritty of Client-Attraction... This is when you'll actually make contact with your ideal clients and Convert them from Prospect Into Client:

  • STEP 4: Invite them into your world (ATTRACT) and Grow Your List of Prospects
  • STEP 5: Connect with your prospects (CONNECT) and Develop a Relationship, so if they are ready to buy - or When they are ready to buy - you'll be the obvious choice (based on the credibility we built in Step 3... and the relationship you built with your prospect/ideal client -- REMEMBER! People do business with people they Know, Like, & Trust -- in this module we work on the "Know" step...)
  • STEP 6: Invite your prospects to Hire You - or to Invest in Your Home-Study Course or other product (CONVERT) - Learn How to Ask for the Sale!  And ask without coming across as pushy or needy... This is the step where many coaches (and other professionals fail... Many invest time in building credibility, trust, relationships..., but "forget" to ask for the sale...

Let's Explore Each in More Detail....


In Steps 1 through 3 we laid a solid foundation - gained some clarity, learned how to find our ideal client, and learn how to project an image of a credible professional --  Now it's time for the more fun and interactive part of the business: Attracting Prospects into Our World & Growing a List of 100s or potentially 1000s of ideal Clients with whom you can communicate for years to come...

STEP 4 to Building a Successful Coaching Business is to put in place daily activities that will result in Consistently Attracting Your Ideal Clients to your offers, articles, videos, and other value-based content...

In this Module we focus on strategies that will help you Attract Your Ideal Clients (Generate Leads) & Grow a Large List of Prospects…  And best of all, you'll learn How to Automate Most of Your Efforts & Leverage  Your Efforts in a Way that You'll Generate a Compound Return on Your Time Investment...

I found that most coaches who struggle do so as a Result of to Not  being able to Generate Leads
and Attract Prospects ~ Once you put the Foundation Elements in Place and
Learn How to Consistently Attract Leads & Prospects, success becomes inevitable…

*!*  Module 4 is the Heart of this Program, designed to help you with your
Lead-Generation & Client-Attraction efforts and it Contains all the Content You Need... NEW Training Videos and Support Material are added regularly to keep you up-to-date with the strategies that bring best results!

To ensure that the material is Easy-to-Implement, we brok
e down the material into Sub-Modules and into close to two-dozen short (15 to 45 minutes) training videos, checklists, and mindmaps...

Here are some of the topics covered in Module 4:

  • Let me share with you how I attracted 1000s of followers and Grew a List of 15,000+ Prospects
  • Discover the 5 must have elements on your home page to help you convert most of your ideal client website visitors into followers... and clients
  • Focus your message! create headlines, subheadlines, and powerful marketing messages on all your marketing materials - on the web & offline material - that will help you Attract More of Your Ideal Clients
  • Learn how to Transform All your Offline & Online Marketing Efforts into Lead-Generation Tools - 9 proven & tested strategies that will make all your marketing efforts attract your ideal clients daily! ... by implementing simple proven business practices
  • 12 Ways to Stand Out From Your Competitors with Your Online Presence
  • Powerful Video Strategies (even if you don't own a camera) to help you attract more clients and grow your list of prospects
  • Don't Miss Out on 1000s of Daily Internet Searches for your Service that can generate you more leads and more clients by simply Showing Up on the First Pages of the Search Results -- Implement 9 simple tweaks and Transform Your Website into a Search Engine Favorite
  • 9 Ways to Use Webinars & Teleclasses to Attract More Leads... and Convert them into Paying Coaching Clients (individual clients or for group coaching)... or Sell Your Products (home study courses, membership site, etc.)
  • Transfrom Your Business Card into a Lead-Generation Tool! o create a business card that will peak your prospect's interest and transform them into followers and paying clients
  • How to Maximize Your Networking Efforts - What to do Before, During, and After in order to generate most quality leads and convert some into clients
  • How to Generate More Business with JV Partners - How to identify them, how to connect with them, how to get them on board to support you, and more...
  • * 51 Total Lead-Generation, Client-Attraction, and List-Building Strategies to get you started - implement the ones that you feel most comfortable using AND the ones that are Proven to Work
  • ** Get Support in Developing a Marketing & Client-Attraction Action-Plan that you can implement DAILY to Start Generating Coaching Client Leads Today... and Every Day!
  • *** Step-by-Step Checklist and MindMap Provided for Each area Covered
EG, I tried out your Marketing & Client Strategies and I am astounded!  I started making changes to my marketing plan and doubled my clients in only 1 and 1/2 weeks! I recommend this to anyone who wants to expand their business! These marketing strategies WORK!" Janice F. Baca, Author of 'God's Healing Plan'
This is an excellent resource for busy entrepreneurs and start-ups. Everything you need for a direct path to marketing success is right here. No guessing, no wasting time and money. Very affordable." Dr. LaVera Forbes , Food Addiction-Freedom Coach

People do business with people they Know, Like, & Trust

We live in a business environment where most consumers do business with people they Know, Like, and Trust; OR with someone who was referred by someone who the consumer knows... Rarely do people buy Bit-Ticket-Items on impulse, but rather invest in solutions provided by people who they Connected with and Trust...


STEP 5 to Building a Successful Coaching Business is to put in place activities that will help you and your ideal clients Connect & Develop a Trust-Based Relationship... This is often a prerequisite to getting hired as a coach...

There are several reasons why you want to
Connect with Your Ideal Clients & Prospects and Develop a Relationship:

•    For the obvious reason to become Known, Liked, and Trusted... though, my primary focus is always to become Known & Trusted, if I get Liked, it's just a bonus in my book 🙂
•    Become viewed as a Trusted Adviser... or a Trusted & Credible Professional who they can turn to when they need your solutions
•    To be given a chance to educate your prospect that you are the coach with the right solution for their challenge... or their needs... as more often than not, people tend to dismiss solutions before they even find out what it can do for them
•    To develop a relationship that will potentially last for years and result in attracting as many paying coaching clients as you need

Some of your followers will stay in touch with you for years - through your email newsletter, videos, articles, blog posts, webinars, teleclasses…, or whatever means you use to stay in touch – and will become clients after months… and some after years of following you… and some will never invest in your services or products!

When you stay in touch with your ideal clients and your prospects, and you provide great value – that is, when you follow the steps laid out in these 6 modules – it will be only a matter of time to become an in-demand coach….

Module 5 was designed to help you accomplish all this and shows you exactly How to Stay in Touch and Develop a Strong Relationship with Your Followers (or your list)...

Here are some of the topics covered in Module 5:

  • Identify your hottest prospects & learn how to connect with them
  • Find out how often to contact them; how to contact them; what to say; and how to invite them to become your clients... or a source of referral... or JV partners...or strategic alliance partners...
  • The psychology of buying - gain deeper understanding of what makes people buy & how to connect at a deeper level with your ideal client based on this knowledge
  • 21 Ways to Connect and Develop a Profitable Business Relationship with Your Ideal Client
  • How to Write eMails that Get Read & Generate Sales - step-by-step instructions and simple formulas to follow
  • 10-Step Checklist to Create a Newsletter/eZine that Converts Subscribers into Lifetime Followers & Clients
  • 5 Ways to Use Webinars or Teleclasses to Develop Your Relationship with Existing Prospects & Keep Your Followers Engaged (includes detailed info on what technology to use, free and paid resource; and tips on what info to present to put on webinars like a pro... with or without your own content)
  • How to use groups and forums to increase visibility, develop relationship, and convert your online efforts into paying clients
  • ABC Lead Management - Learn How to Manage Your Leads to get the highest return on your Lead-Generation efforts
  • * Step-by-Step Checklist and MindMap Provided for Each area Covered


Now that we have all our ducks in a row - that is, we have all of our
Coaching Business' Elements in place - it's time to focus on the Sale
the driving "fuel" of any business...


It’s called a "Coaching Business," NOT a "Coaching Hobby" – its function is to generate an income for you….
Fact is, however, that you can have everything in place and still function at “half-steam,” if you don’t
invest time to learn how to convert your leads and prospects into paying clients
There are many coaches who know how to find their ideal clients & are great at becoming visible in front of them; they provide great value to their followers, developed trust and credibility...  perhaps even developed a good relationship with their followers; yet they fail at Converting all this visibility and all this hard work into paying clients...

STEP 6 to Building a Successful Coaching Business – the Money-Making Step – is to learn how to Convert Your Leads and Prospects into Paying Clients.  This is the step where the rubber hits the road - this is the moment of truth: Invite your Followers to Invest in Your Services and Products (!)

In this module we focus on sharing best-practices and strategies that will help you convert your hard work - all the work you did in Steps 1 through 5 (above) - into paying clients, and put some money in your bank account.

During the years I interviewed dozens of very successful coaches, authors, consultants, and other service professionals, and I'll share with you all the wisdom I learned from them, that relates to converting prospects into paying clients.

Let me share with you How I Got Clients in my 10+ years of full-time coaching experience…  and share with you what I learned from other successful coaches and successful service professionals

In the past 10 years I Invested close to $100,000 in my Marketing & Client-Attraction Training… and still keep attending marketing BootCamps and Retreats every year.   You too can invest in these $5000 to $10,000 per event training, or can hire a coach for around $1000,00 per month; OR Get Most of that Training and Invaluable Information Right Here for a Fraction of that…

When you attend a live event, you’ll later rely on your notes and memory… When you invest in the Client-Magnet Blueprint Program, you get to watch the training at your convenience as many times as you want… forever!
Module 6 was designed to help you implement best-practices and proven strategies that will ensure that you Convert Your Contacts, Leads, and Prospects into Paying Clients.

Here are some of the topics covered in Module 6:

  • 12 proven strategies to help you Convert your Leads & Prospects into Paying Clients
  • 7 steps checklist to Conducting your Free Sessions to convert more prospects into paying clients: What to say... What to ask... How to listen...
  • How to price & "package" to sell... Remember, perception is everything! Discover how to share your offers (online or offline) so your ideal client will gladly pay your price
  • Webinar & Teleclass Strategies (known by many as one of the most effective way to convert leads into paying clients) – step-by-step instructions on how to convert your leads and followers into paying clients
  • How to Reach More Prospects with Video, day or night (rain or shine) and convert viewers into clients
  • Workshops, Keynotes, Retreats, BootCamps, TeleSumits – how to get paid for them & how to attract coaching clients through them
  • Step-by-step blueprint to help you develop a sales process that will help you at every step of the way... from identifying your ideal client till the moment of getting paid for your coaching services
  • * Step-by-Step Checklist and MindMap Provided for Each area Covered

Coaching Client Magnet GRAY 1

The Primary Purpose of the Coaching Client-Magnet Blueprint 2.5 is to...

• Show you how to set up your coaching business just like successful high-earning coaches do, so you too can start attracting more paying clients
• Help you discover some simple strategies that will consistently generate pre-qualified leads, ready to be converted into paying coaching clients
Grow a list of followers to whom you can promote your services and products for years to come

We also made sure to give you the other pieces of the puzzle, so you don't
have to invest in 6 different programs to Create a Successful Coaching Business


checkmark orange_check_mark_in_box_400_clr_1740Instant Access to FaceBook FanPage Training - Attract More Leads & Clients with Your FB Fan Page (97.00 Value - See Details Below)

checkmark orange_check_mark_in_box_400_clr_1740Instant Access to Pinterest Training - How to Generate More Leads & Attract Clients with Pinterest (97.00 Value - See Details Below)

checkmark orange_check_mark_in_box_400_clr_1740Instant Access to Youtube Training - How to Attract More Leads & Clients with YouTube... Even If You Don't Have a Camera (97.00 Value)

checkmark orange_check_mark_in_box_400_clr_174070 Royalty Free Music Tracks ($7.00 Value) Use them as background or intro music for your videos, or in any way you like to...

checkmark orange_check_mark_in_box_400_clr_1740 WP Pop-Up Plugin Create stunning pop-ups on your website or blog and increase your opt-ins by more than 300% ($47 Value - See Details Below)

checkmark orange_check_mark_in_box_400_clr_1740 31-Part WordPress Video Training Course Save $1000s and Easily Build Professional Looking, Client-Attracting Websites... Literally in Minutes! ..........($97.00 Value - See Details Below!)

checkmark orange_check_mark_in_box_400_clr_17407-Page Detailed Sample Coaching Business Marketing Plan (A Copy of E.G.'s actual coaching & speaking marketing plan - Value: invaluable :))


checkmark lock_check_mark_4367Bonus #8: 90-Days to a Successful Coaching Business - RECORDINGS of 12-Weeks Group Coaching Sessions ($850.00 Value)

checkmark lock_check_mark_4367Bonus #9: Two $45-Minutes one-on-one Business Strategic Planning Sessions ($500 Value) - Get help planning the growth of your business and get support creating a step-by-step client-attraction & marketing plan

checkmark lock_check_mark_4367Bonus #10: We'll Create Your Landing Page for Your Irresistible Offer or Create a Great Looking WordPress-Based Website for You (see details below)



checkmark green_check_mark_in_box_pc_400_clr_1618Step 1... Module 1: CLARITY
Gain Clarity & Direction: Define Your Ideal Client & What Service(s) You Offer (See details below)

checkmark green_check_mark_in_box_pc_400_clr_1618Step 2... Module 2: FIND
12 Strategies to Help You Discover Places Where You Can Find with Your Ideal Client (See details below)

checkmark green_check_mark_in_box_pc_400_clr_1618Step 3... Module 3: ATTRACT
21 OnlineLead-Generation & Client Attraction Strategies (See details below)

checkmark green_check_mark_in_box_pc_400_clr_1618Step 4... Module 4ATTRACT (Part 2)
Offline Lead-Generation Strategies (See details below)

checkmark green_check_mark_in_box_pc_400_clr_1618Step 5... Module 5 – CONNECT (Part 2)
7 Ways to Connect with Your Followers & List of Prospects and Develop a Business Relationship (See details below)

checkmark green_check_mark_in_box_pc_400_clr_1618

Module 6 – CONVERT
12 Proven Strategies to Help You Convert Your Leads & Prospects into Paying Clients (includes “How to Conduct Your Free Sessions to Convert More Prospects into Paying Clients – See details below)

Bonus Training

checkmark lock_check_mark_400_clr_436710 Ways to Generating Additional Income As a Coach - proven strategies used by successful coaches to help you generate an additional income through coaching-related "activities" (group coaching, workshops, webinars, authorship, home-study courses, etc.)

checkmark lock_check_mark_400_clr_4367

New Tutorial & Training Videos Added Regularly, to keep you updated with the latest and most effective marketing, promotion, lead-generation, and client-attraction strategies...

checkmark lock_check_mark_400_clr_4367

Additional Tutorial & Training  Videos Added Regularly, as requested by members....  Our goal is to give you a complete Lead-Generation &  Client-Attraction training site. Just let us know what area you need more training in and we'll create it for you 🙂 !


Experience the first 4 Modules at NO RISK! You are either 100% satisfied, or you can request 100%  Refund of your Investment, anytime within 30 days after your start date.

Your Satisfaction is Guaranteed
You Got Nothing to Lose – Only to Gain!

Fancy Box: 10 Reasons why You'd Benefit from investing in the Client-Magnet Blueprint 2.5

  • If you are ready for some serious progress/if you are tired of feeling like your business is stagnant....

Fancy Box: 10 Reasons why You'd Benefit from investing in the Client-Magnet Blueprint 2.5

  • If you are ready for some serious progress/if you are tired of feeling like your business is stagnant....
  • Each Module is delivered through Step-by-Step Video Training Format
  • Each Module is accompanied by Step-By-Step Detailed Checklists
  • Each Module is accompanied by a Detailed MindMap
  • Get Your Questions Answered Daily through Our Support Forum
  • Biweekly Q&A and Support Webinars


Get ready to learn How to Generate More Coaching Client Leads and Get More Coaching Clients from someone with 10+ Years of Coaching & Speaking Experience, 4-Years Business Management Degree, and 20+ Entrepreneurial Experience...

Test Drive our Coaching Business-Building & Client-Magnet Step-by-Step Video Tutorials & Blueprints Risk-FREE...
With detailed instructions for absolute beginners…
all the way to advanced strategies...


And Here Are Your Fast-Acting Bonuses for Those Who Join Today

bonus custom_red_flag_banner_12426

TOTAL VALUE of Fast-Actin Bonuses:  

If you were to hire me - or any knowledgeable marketing or business-building coach or mentor - you'd be paying anywhere from $250/Hour to $500+/Hour.  And even then, it's not always easy to access these coaches as their time is limited and they can only serve a handful of 1-on-1 clients.

Get the 2nd best option to one-on-one coaching, by enrolling in the Client-Magnet Blueprint 2.5.

  • Get access to $1000s of dollars worth of training
  • bi-weekly group coaching
  • ability to ask unlimited questions through our support forum
  • 3 one-on-one 45-minutes sessions (available after you participated in the first 4 modules).
  • Forever Access to ALL Current Modules + Modules that Will be Added in the future...

Our goal is to grow this into the best Lead-Generation & Client-Attraction program on the market - This program will sell in the future at a price point of $997.00 to  $1400.00...  Join today to access all of the above at the low introductory price.

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If I was to mentor you through all these materials, you'd end up paying me more than $10,000 in coaching fees....  The bonus training (with instant access) alone are 50+ hours of training; plus the 6 modules are 10+ hours.  Even if we take the conservative $250.00 per hour coaching fee and we multiply that with the 60-hours of training, you'd end up paying me $15,000...


Because of my commitment to helping the coaching community, and wanting to get this training in as many hands as possible, you'll get access to all of the training and all of the bonuses for a crazy low investment...



All of This For Only...



5 Easy Payments of $97.00 (Price Box!!!!!)


  • Step-by-Step Checklist and MindMap Provided for Each area Covered
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